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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First day of school!

Today was the first day of first grade for B. This year will be a little bit different, as she will be going full days and riding the bus both to and from school. Last year J would take her to the bus stop in the morning (provided they didn't miss the bus!) and then would pick her up on his lunch break to take her to daycare. However, this year I was able to drop an hour off my work schedule and will pick her up from the bus stop in the afternoon. The daycare savings and the loss in income will about average out, so we'll be okay there. And I will get to have a little more time with the girls. Bring on the homework!! Okay, not really. 
Been all over Pinterest the last few weeks. Looking for ideas for lunches. D isn't very picky, but B can be. So we did a "school lunch" shopping trip to the grocery store over the weekend and got to pick out some fun stuff. Tried to get some healthy stuff to mix in too. 
Today's lunch:  PB&J sandwich on whole wheat bread. Black plum, sliced for easier eating. 6 baby carrots with a dipping cup of ranch. Snack bag of Bugles corn snacks, and a KoolAid Jammers drink pouch.  Stuck a note in for first day. And while typing this out, realized that I didn't give her a dessert. Should have put some M&Ms or something special. Drat.  I did remember to put in an ice pack (the pink flower thingy) to keep it cool. 

Baked chocolate chip cookies last night for the bake sale at work today. Saved some though, so we can have an after school snack. So D and I took the ones to work after putting B on the bus. Here's my all time favorite recipe:  browneyedbaker's thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies.   If you like soft chewy cookies, these are AWESOME!  Make some! 

Only a couple more hours to kill until the kid gets done with school. Probably ought to go finish folding my laundry. UGH. 


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