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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Almost party time!

Crazy D is turning 3! Where does the time go? We are having Elmo and Friends for her theme. So here we go!

Planning planning planning ~ all done! (except the cake)
Buying buying buying ~ almost all done! (Is it bad that I haven't figured out her present yet?)
Projects ~ barely started. UGH.

Here's the big plan. 
I have 8 activity stations planned out, with a prize or a treat to take home.

The first station is Abby Cadabby's Dress Up School. We have fairy wings, tutus, magic wands, Abby Cadabby headbands. Plus, we have Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Oscar the Grouch visors, and Big Bird headbands. 

We have Zoe's Jewelry Store too, since Zoe is never without her bling! Necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets. We also have hair barrettes cuz she loves those too, and ring pops to take home as well.

The second station is Count with the Count. This is just a board with a few sheets of things to count, and we have Sesame Street flash cards for prizes. 

The next station is Bathtime with Ernie. There is an Ernie stuffed character for this one, and a blue oval plastic tub to be filled with bubbles and floating rubber ducks. Similar to the carnival game, kids will pick out a duck. On the bottom of the duck, they will be numbered 1-5. We have bouncy balls, crazy straws, Sesame street rings, small spinning tops, and PlayDoh for prizes. 

We have Bubbles with Big Bird. We have a small stuffed Big Bird and sign for this station, and tons of bubble jugs and wands. Plus extra bubble jugs in the treat sack to take home.

We have a station for coloring, cuz Elmo loves his crayons! Lots of coloring pages and crayons, and more coloring books and crayons for the treat sacks.  One of D's stuffed Elmos will hang out here. 

There is a station for Bert as well, but to date we have not had any luck finding a stuffed Bert. Bert loves reading Boring Stories, collecting bottle caps and paper clips, and feeding pigeons. He has also lost his nose a few times. So this station will be pin the nose on Bert! We have books here for some chill out time, and Bottle Cap candy for prizes. 

Of course we can't forget Oscar the Grouch! I saw two really cute ideas, and couldn't decide between the two. So, we have Oscar's Trash Toss and Tattoo Parlor. We have Sesame Street tattoos, and a trash can to toss trash into. And since Oscar's favorite "person" is his pet worm Slimey, we have gummy worms for prizes!

Food ideas at first were hard! But we got it figured out! Elmo's favorite food is pizza, and Snuffy's favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs! So we're having Italian food. Of course, we must have cookies for Cookie Monster (his favorite chocolate chip, plus sugar cookies shaped like 3's and A's (D's whole name starts with A), and we're going to have Slimey's dirt (chocolate pudding cups).  We will also have banana pudding cups, since bananas are Elmo's favorite fruit.  

Now I just gotta figure out the cake.........

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